Is Keenstore On Bonanza Legit?

Add value & incentives to your buyers with freebies. When the going gets tough, chatting comes in handy. A live chat can help an unhappy customer if they want to know more about your return or refund policy right away, without having to wait. The benefit for you is that you will be seen tenfold by potential buyers, even if they are unaware of Bonanza. Bonanza has been working with Google for many years to get your brand in front of as many users as possible. Bonanza’s eBay Feedback Importer takes care of this for you.

  • Other reviews also say that compared to eBay, Bonanza is an easier, fairer, and cheaper marketplace.
  • This clearly implies that Bonanza is not a scam.
  • However, users have expressed mixed opinions about its services.

This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets. We’ve only seen that US citizens are not allowed to create accounts on the platform. But we did not use a United States phone number when we tried to register a Bitcoin Bonanza account. So, we decided to use a VPN to bypass this region lock. We accessed servers from different countries, typing in sample phone numbers in those locations, but no luck. The Bitcoin Bonanza system did not allow us to create an account on its website.

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I wasted 10 years just to get locked out with no explanation. And Bonanza doesn’t have many customers plus you have to pay a higher % if you want you items advertised and then they are miss marked. I have over 400 sales on Ebay and was looking for another online site to sell on because Ebay is terrible for small sellers. They simply have no buyers and they do not advertise their site so hardly anyone knows about it.

How To Start Selling On Bonanza?

Is Keenstore On Bonanza Legit?

It’s worth the money; updated functioning spyware and antivirus protection is included in this operating system. I previously used Word 2013 but was experiencing problems with misspelt words being missed by the spellchecker. After some research, I found a workaround online and the matter seems resolved. Nicest feature is the product’s integration with One Drive.

Facebook Bonanza located at is not actually connected to Facebook in any way. The name comes from the fact that they use social media sites to promote their product. It is possible to get organic bonanza traffic, but you can improve it by being strategic with your marketing efforts. One way to do this is to use social media to drive traffic to your Bonanza offers. A profitable, successful online selling business is entirely possible, but there are better ways.

Bitcoin Bonanza Review: Ons Oordeel!

Is Keenstore On Bonanza Legit?

Because operating and running an online company takes a significant amount of work and time, sellers want an easy-to-use marketplace. Bonanza is the most straightforward marketplace in this regard. In my opinion, this site is A waste of time. If you open a booth and post merchandise Bonanza disapproves of, they will suspend your booth without warning. Within a week, my account closed with no definitive reason.

For some reason the creators don’t want us to know them and this is another red flag for me. Down below the sales video on the sales page you will see testimonials from people who are supposedly members of this system and have been making tons of money. In the last 3 months “hard working men and women have gone through one heck of a life-changing experience”. These people started investing in Bitcoin and are now making in excess of $9,600 a day.

You can protect yourself from scammers by looking for products that are rated as “Top Rated Seller”. There are some providers on that are not reputable based on customer reviews. If you build trust with your customers, you are more likely to make sales. If you have a good reputation and relationship with your customers, they are likely to buy from your brand. It is a great idea to include a chat feature. It can be used to address concerns of your buyers, but also to build a relationship between seller and consumer.

Is Keenstore On Bonanza Legit?

I’m making over $6,000/mo consistently right nowdoing this. And yet another major problem that I came across is that there is not information on the creators of this trading software. I want to know more about the team behind things like this before I jump in and with this there is no information at all. Upon landing on the sales page I was fairly certain it was a scam right off the bat. Because of this I went in with the mindset that they have to prove to me that it isn’t a scam. But after digging around and looking for information my suspicious was just further confirmed.

Is Bitcoin Bonanza Trustworthy?

I moved all my ebay items to Bonanza to see if it was a better experience than ebay… And they have a much larger shopping audience… And they have real customer service people that you can talk to. Bonanza has a much smaller shopping audience, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL, and their goal appears to be to charge sellers the most enormous fees that they can get away with. I never get online to post negative reviews… I generally get online to post about great customer service and great products…